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[Published: Sunday November 19 2023]

 Emotions run high at pro-Palestinian demonstrations around the world

LONDON, 19 Nov. - (ANA) - The continued destruction of Gaza by Israeli air raids and the increasing number of civilian Palestinians most of whom are women and children, have led to protests all over the world.
The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is only deepening with the United Nations saying it lacks the resources for aid deliveries in the territory and the continued bombing of Gaza’s from the air and the IDF invasion of northern part of Gaza while still bombing civilians in the south where they were told to shelter but still at the receiving end of Israeli bombs.
Thousands of miles away, the U.S. Consulate in Auckland, New Zealand, is splashed with red paint during a protest against Israel’s response to the attacks by Hamas. 
In Manila, capital of the Philippines, activists scuffle with police while marching toward the United States Embassy in solidarity with the Palestinians. 
Marches continue to protest against Israeli air strikes against Palestinian civilians in Gaza. In London, in Seoul, in New York, in Washington, in Barcelona, in Nairobi, in Beirut, in Milan, in Istanbul, in Lahore, in Belgrade, in Dublin and in Austin Texas.-(ANA) - 
AB/ANA/19 November 2023 — - -

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