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[Published: Monday July 13 2020]

 South Sudan medics resign after contracting virus

JUBA 13 Jul (ANA) - Some of the 16 health workers in South Sudan who tested positive for Covid-19 have resigned, the country's health ministry has said.
Eight health workers resigned last week due to pressure from their families, who expressed concerns that they might bring the virus home and infect family members, the ministry said.
Some are thought to have deserted duty after witnessing Covid-19 patients dying.
The eight include four hygienists and four nurses, according to Prof Mayen Machut Achiek, spokesman of the national Covid-19 task force.
“At a time when the number of people losing their lives [because of Covid-19] are on the rise, the [health workers] have ran away.
“They have resigned because of family pressure. But if they come back, they have got expertise; we will use them, because we need everybody. The point is every hospital in South Sudan is affected by this, if you go to the hospitals in the districts, you find the doctors are cautious,” Prof Achiek told reporters on Sunday in the capital, Juba.
He said the ministry will distribute personal protective equipment, which has been given by donors, to the front line workers.(ANA)
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