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[Published: Thursday July 11 2019]

 Scientists predict Barcelona climate for London by 2050

LONDON 11 Jul (ANA) - The climate in London will be more like Barcelona’s by 2050 as the impact of global warming brings a striking change in conditions, expert analysis shows.
Scientists warned that Londoners could be facing the kind of extreme drought conditions that hit the Spanish city in 2008, which had severe implications for its population and major economic costs from importing £20 million of drinking water.
An evaluation of the world’s 520 major cities indicates some places will experience conditions that major urban areas have never seen before. The UK capital’s climate will feel similar to Barcelona’s, Edinburgh will be more like Paris is now and Cardiff will see similar conditions to Montevideo, Crowther Lab scientists said.
The group of experts, based in Zürich, Switzerland, said that pairing up cities in this way can help people visualise the impact climate change will have on their own lives.
They found that more than a fifth (22 per cent), including Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, will experience unprecedented conditions that major urban environments have not seen before.
Research projects what the 520 current cities' climate will most closely resemble by 2050, under an "optimistic" scenario where action is taken to curb greenhouse gas emissions.(ANA)
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