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South Africa/IsraelBack
[Published: Tuesday May 15 2018]

 South Africa recalls Israel ambassador after Gaza killings

PRETORIA 15 May (ANA) - South Africa has withdrawn its ambassador to Israel after the Middle Eastern country's soldiers killed almost 60 Palestinian protesters on Monday.

The government said the decision was made in light of the "indiscriminate and grave manner" of the attack on civilians by Israeli forces.

The protesters and soldiers clashed at the border as the US opened its first embassy in Jerusalem - a controversial decision which has been widely condemned and incensed 


The killings have shocked many across the world.

However, South Africa's decision has been criticised by the South African Jewish Board of Deputies and the SA Zionist Federation, which defended Israel's "right to defend its own 

border and its own citizens" in a statement released today.

The statement also accuses the government's rhetoric of playing a role in provoking "anti-Semitic comment on various social media platforms".

“This is a victory only for extremism in the Middle East. We call on the South African Government to reconsider its decision immediately,” it ends.(ANA)
FA/ANA/15 May 2018--------

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