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[Published: Friday August 21 2009]

Zimbabwe confirms five cases of H1N1

Harare, 21 Aug-(ANA)-Zimbabwean Health Minister Henry Madzorera has confirmed five cases of the swine flu pandemic in the country.

He told a news conference that the cases have been confirmed at a private primary school in Mutare, capital of eastern Manicaland Province.

Dr. Madzorera said the pupils aged between  five and 10 were diagnosed with the virus out of 27 suspected cases. 

The cases occurred early this month but it took weeks to confirm the presence of the H1N1 virus as tests had to be performed in South Africa, he said..

Despite the on going strike by junior doctors and some nurses, Dr. Madzorera said the country is “well prepared” to cope with the pandemic first detected in Mexico.

But health experts question this preparedness given the crisis in the hospitals. The doctors are demanding a pay increase which the government says it cannot afford.(ANA)

FA/ANA/21 Augusut 2009---


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