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[Published: Tuesday March 10 2009]

Uganda hit by anti-Israel hackers

Kampala, 10 March-(ANA)-Uganda's defence ministry has ordered its website to be closed after hackers published anti-Israel messages on it.

The posts, which first appeared last month, accused the European Union of standing by "while Israel kills the Palestinians".

The hackers also posted flags of Turkey above the items, which called the EU "dishonourable", on the home page.

The ministry of defence said the posts did not represent the views of the Ugandan government or military.

Army spokesman Major Felix Kulayigye said: "One of our officers opened the [Ugandan military] website and this material was there.

"It condemned the fact that the European Union stood by while Israelis were killing Palestinians. What's on the website is not our position."

This is extremely outrageous, we are very concerned and we want to find out who are the hackers who put this malicious information on the website ” (ANA)

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