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[Published: Tuesday February 17 2009]


'Zimbabwe needs emergency aid'

Harare, 17 Feb-(ANA)-An "emergency infusion" of aid is urgently needed in Zimbabwe amid a worsening humanitarian crisis, a medical has warned.

In a report, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) says the country's whole health system has collapsed.

Zimbabwe is experiencing the worst cholera outbreak in its history.

This latest appeal follows calls from politicians, humanitarian and campaign groups for the world to take more action over the situation in Zimbabwe.

Almost 3,400 people have died from cholera since August 2008 and more than 68,000 are infected, according to the United Nations.

MSF International President Dr Christophe Fournier, who has just returned from a visit to Zimbabwe, said there is a major health crisis in the country with people being left to die in their homes.

He described a situation where public hospitals are closed or empty; few doctors are left in the country; the medical staff that remain are not showing up for work; there is an urgent shortage of drugs and if patients can get to a clinic they are asked for amounts of money they cannot afford. (ANA)

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