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[Published: Tuesday June 21 2022]

 Towards an Integrated Approach to Climate Security and Peacebuilding in Somalia

STOCKHOLM, 21 June. - (ANA) - SIPRI releases a new report that aims to shed light on climate security and peacebuilding in Somalia. 
This SIPRI Report introduces a new integrated approach to addressing climate security and peacebuilding in Somalia. Somalia is currently experiencing its worst drought in over four decades, with an unprecedented fourth consecutive failed rainy season in May 2022. Around 7.1 million Somalis (almost 50 per cent of the population) face food insecurity at crisis levels or worse. Over 800 000 Somalis have been displaced due to extreme drought, most of them women and children. When combined with decades of civil conflict and political strife, these worsening climatic conditions are challenging livelihoods and altering the physical surroundings and security upon which people depend. The new approach to climate security and peacebuilding in this report aims to engage national and international actors active in Somalia and explore the potential contribution of the United Nations Peacebuilding Commission. Taken together, these engagement processes can lead to mutual commitments for climate, peace and security responses in Somalia.
About the authors
Emilie Broek (Netherlands/Switzerland) is a Research Assistant with SIPRI’s Climate Change and Risk Programme.
Christophe M. Hodder (United Kingdom) was previously the first United Nations climate security and environmental adviser to Somalia, and the world’s first climate security adviser to a peacekeeping or political mission.   - (ANA) -
To download the report, visit:
AB/ANA/21 June 2022 — - -

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