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Botswana/Covid VariantBack
[Published: Friday November 26 2021]

 Scientists warn of new Botswana variant of Covid with ‘horrific’ number of mutations

LONDON, 26 Nov. - (ANA) - A new Covid-19 variant has emerged that has an “incredibly high” number of mutations, scientists are warning.
It is feared that the B.1.1529, or Botswana variant – an off-shoot of the B.1.1 – could drive further transmission of the virus.
The first cases found were three in Botswana, followed by another six cases in South Africa, and one in Hong Kong involving a traveller returning from South Africa.
Generally, spike mutations allow viruses to adapt and become more virulent, and more able to evade natural and vaccine immunity.
Dr Tom Peacock, a virologist at Imperial College London, said the variant could be “of real concern” as its 32 mutations in its spike protein could enable it to more easily evade a person’s immune system and spread to more people.
The first of the Botswana cases emerged on 11 November.
The first of the South Africa cases emerged on 14 November, the same day as the case involving a 36-year-old traveller – who had stayed in South Africa from 23 October to 11 November and tested positive three days into quarantine on his return to Hong Kong.
Only 10 cases have been reported worldwide so far.   - (ANA) -
AB/ANA/26 November 2021 - - -

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