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[Published: Saturday October 09 2021]

 French government sets its sights on silencing pan-European Muslim NGO

PARIS, 09 Oct. - (ANA) - The decision by France's top administrative court, the Council of State, to rubber-stamp the judgment made by French authorities last year closing the country's leading civil society organisation fighting against Islamophobia has been condemned by international human rights organisations.
In December 2020, the right-wing French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin dissolved the Collective Against Islamophobia in France (CCIF) on the grounds that its work, fighting against widespread Islamophobia in the country, constituted a threat to the state. 
Following the latest court ruling against CCIF, Human Rights Watch said the decision "seriously damages the country's self-proclaimed reputation as a champion of freedom of expression and association."
Now, the French government is targeting the sister organisation of CCIF, the Collective for Countering Islamophobia in Europe (CCIE), which is based in neighbouring Belgium. 
In a series of tweets earlier this week when CCIE posted snippets of quotes from an interview by Darmanin, the French President's right-hand man in targeting Muslims in the country, Paris was quick to attack the organisation.
 In a recent interview, the country's interior minister described his joy at "spreading terror" against Muslim individuals and organisations that the government accuses of being "radical." 
Public Muslim figures and scholars in mosques that speak out against discrimination and institutional racism are among the individuals that the French state now considers a danger to society.  - (ANA) -
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