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US/China/Cyber attacksBack
[Published: Tuesday July 20 2021]

 Biden goes after China’s cyber attackers 

WASHINGTON, 20 July. - (ANA) - U.S. officials announced new measures aimed at exposing and disrupting China’s government-sponsored cyber criminal activities, including enlisting key NATO and other allies to reveal new details about the methods by which some massive cyber attacks have affected thousands of government and private networks in the United States, and how to protect against them.
The officials said the international effort was a direct output of President Joe Biden’s first foreign trip to meet with G7 and NATO leaders, last month. It also may be the first step in a new multilateral coalition of allies that could eventually impose economic penalties on the Chinese government, similar to those that some Western states have placed on Russia. But those penalties aren’t here yet.
A senior administration official told reporters on Sunday that the United States had convinced allies to name China’s Ministry of State Security as a key player in various criminal cyber activities. The official gave no indication that economic penalties would be arriving soon. 
Instead, the White House on Monday released a fact sheet co-authored by the National Security Agency, Cybersecurity Infrastructure & Security Agency, and the FBI detailing 50 ways that criminal actors, allegedly sponsored by the Chinese government, attack Western networks, and how to defend against them. 
“Chinese state-sponsored cyber actors aggressively target U.S. and allied political, economic, military, educational, and critical infrastructure (CI), personnel and organizations to steal sensitive data, critical and emerging key technologies, intellectual property, and personally identifiable information (PII),” the fact sheet says.
Regarding one of those targets, the senior official said, “The United States government, alongside our allies and partners, will formally attribute the malicious cyber campaign utilizing the zero-day vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Exchange Server disclosed in March,” referring to a massive hack aimed at Microsoft cloud services that likely comprised as many as 30,000 U.S. organizations. Those allies and partners include the European Union, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, and NATO.  - (ANA) -
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