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Israel/Spy PlaneBack
[Published: Monday April 05 2021]

 Israeli military received new spy aircraft to identify targets in Iraq, Iran, Yemen

TEL AVIV, 05 April. - (ANA) - According to its developer, the plane is equipped with a variety of cutting-edge sensors, including an advanced radar system and artificial intelligence, and is capable of identifying targets even in bad weather conditions.
The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) announced on Sunday it has received the first of a series of newest intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft, dubbed the "Oron", which would provide better capabilities to gather intelligence and identify targets for attack in the region, including Iraq, Iran and Yemen.
​The "Oron", which translates as "stableman", was developed on the basis of the Gulfstream G550 and designed to provide real-time intelligence capable of locating the deployment of enemy ground forces, even at a long distance.
"New intel (ISR) mission aircraft, 'Oron' has landed in Israel. The 'wide area persistent surveillance' aircraft will provide the @IDF with unprecedented capabilities. Its cutting edge sensors & radar system capture vast areas for real-time ground and maritime surveillance," the Israeli Ministry of Defense tweeted.
"The IDF and the air force already have a variety of intelligence collection capabilities, but the 'Oron' strengthens our superiority and our ability to operate in the second and third tiers and to move between fronts rapidly and over a long period of time," The Times of Israel quoted Israeli Air Force chief Amikam Norkin as saying.
According to the Israeli military, the "Oron" was developed over the course of 9 years by the IDF in collaboration with the Israeli Defense Ministry and weapons contractors. The exact number of Oron aircraft the IDF will obtain, is, however, classified.  - (ANA) -
AB/ANA/05 April 2021 - - -

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