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[Published: Sunday February 21 2021]

 US reintroduces bill to ban forced-labour products from Xinjiang

WASHINGTON, 19 Feb. - (ANA) - The US reintroduces bill to ban forced-labour products from the Chinse region of Xinjiang.
The updated version of legislation that passed the House 406-3 in the previous Congress in September is similar to a Senate version that was reintroduced last month after being held up in the previous session. 
The House bill would authorise the US president to apply sanctions against anyone responsible for labour trafficking of minority Uighurs or other Muslims in Xinjiang, a leading producer of cotton and cotton products. 
It would also require financial disclosures by listed US companies about engagement with Chinese firms and entities engaged in abuses, a provision not included in the Senate version.-(ANA) -
AB/ANA/20 February 2021 - - -

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