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Israel/PM ProtestsBack
[Published: Wednesday January 13 2021]

 Israelis hold torch-lit protest accusing PM of corruption

TEL AVIV, 13 Jan. - (ANA) - Dozens of Israeli protesters carrying lit torches, megaphones and flags gathered outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s official residence to highlight his corruption trial.
Netanyahu was indicted last year on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust linked to three corruption cases. He has denied any wrongdoing and accuses the media, law enforcement and judicial officials of waging a “witch hunt” against him.
Netanyahu is once again fighting for re-election ahead of a nationwide vote in March — the fourth to be held in Israel in less than two years. Polls show his Likud party winning the most seats but being unable to form a coalition government because of rivalries with other right-wing leaders.
YouTube suspended President Trump’s channel from uploading new content for at least seven days over concerns about the “ongoing potential for violence.”
It was the latest move by one of the large tech companies to limit the president online. YouTube also said it was disabling comments on his videos indefinitely.
said Tuesday that Democratic lawmakers' push to impeach him in the last days of his presidency is "absolutely ridiculous." He rejected any contention that he was responsible for the mayhem that left five people dead.   - (ANA) -
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