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[Published: Tuesday July 22 2008]

The International Carthage Festival July-August

The two thousand year old ruins of the ancient cityof Carthage, in Tunisia,host the annual International Carthage Festival- Tunisias most importantinternational arts showcase.

Every year between July andAugust, the citys stunning amphitheatre holds events covering music, poetry,dance and theatre from local artists to international stars.

The event has been running since 1964 and exhibits a superb cross section oftraditional and modern arts and music. The renovated amphitheatre hosts up to7,500 spectators.

The festivals main attractions and events are held at night, so in the daytimevisitors can experience the majestic ruins of this city for themselves, andimmerse themselves in modern day Tunisian culture.

International stars who have played at the festival include James Brown, JoeCocker and Louis Armstrong. Huge stars from the Middle East and Africa dominate proceedings, though, with Hedi Semlali,Ali Riahi, Hedi Jouini, Feyrouz, Sabeh Fakhri, Warda all having performed theresince its foundation.

For more information, listings, and tickets visit:

North South News website

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