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[Published: Friday December 04 2020]

 Britain sets ‘ambitious’ target for carbon emissions 

LONDON, 04 Dec. - (ANA) - Britain will seek to cut its carbon emissions by at least 68% of what they were in 1990 by the end of 2030, the British Prime minister Boris Johnson has announced. 
Johnson said the “ambitious” target would lead the UK to cut emissions faster than any major economy. 
So far, Britain’s emissions have dropped by 45% since 1990.
The UK’s bid to achieve “net zero” carbon emissions by 2050 has been dealt a staggering blow by the axing of plans to built a new nuclear power station on the Welsh island of Anglesey.
Japanese technology firm Hitachi confirmed today that the £16bn Wylfa Newydd plant, which would have provided around 6% of Britain’s electricity, was being scrapped for good, 20 months after the project was suspended as a result of funding problems.  - (ANA) -
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