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[Published: Thursday November 19 2020]

 Trump invites state lawmakers to White House in bid to subvert election

WASHINGTON, 19 Nov. - (ANA) - Two Republican election officials in Wayne County, Michigan, home to Detroit, tried to decertify the results there but cannot legally do so. The Trump campaign’s assault on voting in several states that President-elect Joe Biden won took on new intensity as deadlines for finalizing results approached.
After failing repeatedly in court to overturn election results, President Trump is taking the extraordinary step of reaching out directly to Republican state legislators as he tries to subvert the Electoral College process, inviting Michigan lawmakers to meet with him at the White House on Friday, reports the New York Times on Thursday.
Mr. Trump contacted the Republican majority leader in the Michigan State Senate to issue the invitation, according to a person briefed on the invitation. It is not clear how many Michigan lawmakers will be making the trip to Washington, nor precisely what Mr. Trump plans to say to the lawmakers. 
The White House invitation to Republican lawmakers in a battleground state comes as the Trump campaign has been seeking to overturn the results of the election in multiple states through lawsuits and intrusions into the state vote certification process, and as Mr. Trump himself has reached out personally to at least one election official in Michigan, a Wayne County canvass board member, Monica Palmer.
Some members of Mr. Trump’s team have promoted the legally dubious theory that friendly legislatures could under certain scenarios effectively subvert the popular vote and send their own, pro-Trump delegations to the Electoral College.
But before that could even happen Michigan would have to at least finish its process of certifying its election results, which a statewide board is to do by a Monday deadline. The statewide canvassing board is comprised of a bipartisan four-member panel.   - (ANA) -
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