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[Published: Monday July 13 2020]

 Scientists reveal how Covid-19 affects the heart

LONDON 13 Jul (ANA) - We’ve already heard about the potential long-term health impact of Covid-19, as well as its effects on the brain.
But researchers now say the disease may also affect the hearts of those hospitalised with the disease.
A new study by Edinburgh University of more than 1,200 patients in 69 countries found that more than half of all patients showed abnormalities in the heart, with 15% suffering from severe cardiac disease.
It's worth bearing in mind that the study only included people with severe cases of Covid-19, whereas the vast majority of people with coronavirus only experience mild symptoms.
The lead researcher of the study, Prof Marc Dweck, told BBC Radio 4's Today Programme that the research marked "a very important opportunity for us to improve the care of patients".
"Whilst this heart damage is potentially a very serious problem for these patients and [is] likely to have an important influence on their ability to survive and recover from the illness, we have very, very good treatments for heart failure now," he said.
"And so if we can identify Covid-19 patients where the heart is involved, there's the potential to give them the therapies that can help them get better quicker."(ANA)
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