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[Published: Sunday July 12 2020]

 Sudan scraps apostasy and alcohol ban

KHARTOUM 12 Jul (ANA) - After more than 30 years of Islamist rule, Sudan has outlined wide-reaching reforms including allowing non-Muslims to drink alcohol, and scrapping the apostasy law and public flogging.
"We [will] drop all the laws violating the human rights in Sudan," Justice Minister Nasredeen Abdulbari said.
A raft of new laws were passed last week but this is the first public explanation of their contents.
Sudan has also banned female genital mutilation (FGM).
Under the new laws, women no longer need permission from a male relative to travel with their children.
The reforms come after long-time ruler Omar al-Bashir was ousted last year following massive street protests.
The current government is an uneasy mixture of those groups which ousted Mr Bashir and his former allies in the military, who ultimately staged a coup against him.(ANA)
FA/ANA/12 July 2020-------

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