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[Published: Tuesday February 18 2020]

EU  'to stop weapons reaching Libya'

BRUSSELS 18 Feb (ANA)  - European foreign ministers meeting in Brussels on Tuesday agreed a new naval and air mission to stop more arms from reaching warring factions in Libya.
The mission will focus on the eastern Mediterranean where there are reports of arms trafficking.
A map showing the location of Libya, the capital city of Tripoli, and the Mediterranean Sea.
The move came after Austria lifted its veto on sea patrols over concerns they could lead to an increase of migrants trying to reach Europe.
Speaking at a news conference, the EU's foreign policy chief, Joesp Borrell, said that the sea and air mission would have a robust mandate:
"[Our vessels] are not there to just have a look and say 'hello'. No, they have to act. If there is a trafficking of arms they will have to react and interfere in the movement of ships."(ANA)
FA/ANA/18 February 2020-------

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