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[Published: Tuesday January 14 2020]

 Buhari's daughter in presidential jet row

ABUJA 14 Jan (ANA)  - Nigerians online are angry after President Muhammadu Buhari’s daughter Hanan travelled in a presidential jet to Bauchi in northern Nigeria for a private function.
Ms Buhari, a photography graduate, was taking photos at an annual festival hosted by the Emir of Bauchi, Rilwanu Adamu, according to Nigeria's Guardian newspaper.
She arrived aboard a presidential jet and was received by leaders before proceeding to the Durbar, which features a horse parade.
Nigeria's Daily Trust newspaper tweeted photos of Ms Buhari's welcome in Bauchi:
Torrents of disapprovals yesterday trailed the use of  a presidential jet by a daughter of President Muhammadu Buhari, Hanan, to attend a private function in Bauchi State.
Ms Buhari took photographs during the religious festival for her gallery.
On Monday, First Lady Aisha Buhari shared a video of her daughter's trip kick-starting a debate on the use of presidential jet by the first family.
"Showcasing your rich culture at the expense of Nigeria’s collective tax-payers' sweat is abhorrent and anti-democratic," wrote Kokie Akan on the first lady's post.
"FLON [First Lady of Nigeria], some of us expected better than this. You know the controversy your daughters use of airforce one for her project is generating. Even if you think nothing wrong [sic] you should have edited the part waving from the jet. Why deliberately provoke the public, why?" Songyoh questioned.
"This is highly insensitive of you especially as the first lady who ought to show understanding of the feeling of the people," Dr Muzoic wrote.(ANA)
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