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[Published: Monday December 02 2019]

Climate change talks open in Madrid

MADRID 2 Dec (ANA) - Political leaders and climate diplomats are meeting in Madrid for two weeks of talks amid a growing sense of crisis.
According to UN Secretary General António Guterres, "the point of no return is no longer over the horizon".
Meanwhile, Save the Children says that climate shocks have left millions in Africa facing hunger.
The charity says 33 million people are at emergency levels of food insecurity due to cyclones and droughts.
This conference of the parties, or COP25, was due to be held in Chile but was cancelled by the government due to weeks of civil disturbances.
Spain then stepped in to host the event, which will see 29,000 attendees over the two weeks of talks.
Speaking ahead of the meeting the UN secretary general said the climate crisis was imminent and political leaders had to respond.
"In the crucial 12 months ahead, it is essential that we secure more ambitious national commitments - particularly from the main emitters - to immediately start reducing greenhouse gas emissions at a pace consistent to reaching carbon neutrality by 2050.
"We simply have to stop digging and drilling and take advantage of the vast possibilities offered by renewable energy and nature-based solutions," Mr Guterres said.
Almost every country in the world has now signed and ratified the Paris climate agreement and under the terms of the pact they will all have to put new climate pledges on the table before the end of 2020.
This meeting in Madrid signals the start of a frantic 12 months of negotiations that will culminate in Glasgow with COP26 in November next year.
Some 50 world leaders are expected to attend the meeting in the Spanish capital - but US President Donald Trump will not be among them.
However, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, will attend the conference with a congressional delegation.(ANA)
FA/ANA/2 December 2019--------

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