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[Published: Wednesday October 23 2019]

Palestinians see no difference between Netanyahu and Gantz

RAMALLAH 23 Oct (ANA) - Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority Mohammad Ishtaye said Tuesday there is no difference between incumbent Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his competitor Benny Gantz.
Ishtaye's comment came as Netanyahu announced on Monday he had failed to form a governing coalition and Gantz, leader of the centrist Blue and White party, will be tasked to do so.
The Palestinian premier told reporters during a tour in northern West Bank city of Tulkarem that "we are so glad that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had left the political scene."
However, he clarified that "this doesn't mean that we will be happy for who will be his successor."
"We are in favor of one who makes difference by stopping settlement, recognizing Palestinian people's self-determination" and supporting the two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, he said.
Ishtaye also said that the Palestinian side "doesn't count so much on what is going on there (in Israel), whether Bibi (Netanyahu) comes or goes and Gantz comes or goes."(ANA)
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