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[Published: Monday October 07 2019]

 Israel working on non-Aggression treaty with Gulf states - Foreign Minister

TEL AVIV, 07 Oct. - (ANA) - Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz said on Sunday he was the initiator to sign a non-aggression treaty with the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf.
"Recently, with the support of the United States, I have been promoting a political initiative to sign a non-aggression treaty with the Arab Gulf states. A historic step will put an end to the conflict and will promote civilian cooperation until peace agreements are signed", Katz wrote on Twitter.
The minister noted that he had already discussed the draft treaty with his colleagues from the Arab countries and presented the draft document to US President Donald Trump's special envoy for the Middle East peace process, Jason Greenblatt.
According to the Arutz 12 broadcaster, the idea of ​​the initiative is to "use a common interest in Iran to normalise relations in the fight against terror and in the economic sphere". It also noted that full-scale peace agreements cannot be signed at the moment because of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Earlier, Katz and Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Adel Jubeir criticised Iran from the UN rostrum, accusing it of terrorism. They urged the international community to unite in exerting pressure on Tehran. Iran has repeatedly refuted all accusations against it.  - (ANA) -
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