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[Published: Monday August 19 2019]

Kashmir: Pakistanis 'shot dead' by Indian troops

KASHMIR 19 Aug (ANA) - Pakistan has accused Indian troops of shooting two civilians dead and wounding another by firing across the military Line of Control which separates the disputed Kashmir region.
Islamabad's foreign ministry said the civilians were shot Sunday due to 'unprovoked ceasefire violations' by India in the border villages of Hot Spring and Chirikot.
Tensions in the Muslim-majority region have been on a knife-edge since New Delhi's Hindu government revoked the state's autonomy and put a military lockdown in place two weeks ago, amid an attempted power-grab.
Meanwhile sources within the Indian judiciary claimed that more than 4,000 people have been arrested since the lockdown came into effect. 
A magistrate speaking to AFP on condition of anonymity said that thousands of people have been arrested under the Public Safety Act (PSA), a controversial law that allows authorities to imprison someone for up to two years without charge or trial.
'Most of them were flown out of Kashmir because prisons here have run out of capacity,' the magistrate said. 
He was forced to use a satellite phone to contact reporters after India cut off internet an phone services, though these were being slowly returned starting Monday. 
Meanwhile Pakistan summoned an Indian diplomat to lodge a protest over continued ceasefire violations, which it said 'are a threat to regional peace.'
Pakistan and India have fought two wars over control of Kashmir since they won independence from British colonialists in 1947.
India has imposed a security lockdown in its portion of Kashmir to avoid violence in reaction to the move to change the territory's status.(ANA)
FA/ANA/19 August 2019-------

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