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[Published: Sunday August 18 2019]

UK to stop EU law after Brexit

LONDON 18 Aug (ANA) - EU law will stop applying in Britain after 31 October, legislation signed into force today ensures.
Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay rubber-stamped the move to repeal the European Communities Act that automatically transfers laws made into Brussels into UK statute.
He hailed the moment as sending a "clear signal to the people of this country that there is no turning back".
But a legal expert downplayed the significance of the moment, saying if Brexit is delayed again then European law will continue to apply until the UK leaves the EU.
Mr Barclay was pictured posing for a photo showing the moment he signed the regulation into law.
"We are leaving the EU as promised on 31 October, whatever the circumstances - delivering on the instructions given to us in 2016," he said.(ANA)
FA/ANA/18 August 2019-----

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