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[Published: Thursday July 11 2019]

 Merkel suffers third bout of shaking

BERLIN 11 Jul (ANA) - Angela Merkel has experienced a third public shaking fit in as many weeks, forcing officials to try to deflect mounting questions about her health.
The German chancellor began to tremble as a band struck up the national anthem at a reception for Antti Rinne, 56, the new Finnish prime minister, outside her office in Berlin yesterday.
Mrs Merkel, 64, insisted that she was well and “capable of performing” but said she was still “processing” the effects of the first attack of tremors, which occurred during a similar welcome event for Volodymyr Zelensky, 41, the Ukrainian president, last month.
At the time the chancellor blamed her bout of shaking on dehydration in the midst of a heatwave.(ANA)
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