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[Published: Thursday July 11 2019]

Boris  denies throwing UK envoy 'under a bus'

LONDON 11 Jul (ANA) - Boris Johnson has hit back at criticism that he threw the former British ambassador to the US “under a bus”.
He has insisted he is a great supporter of Sir Kim, who has dramatically quit, and has revealed that he rang him to commiserate.
It has emerged that the ambassador decided to resign after Mr Johnson - odds-on favourite to become prime minister in two weeks' time - refused to pledge his support for him in Tuesday's head-to-head TV debate, while his rival Jeremy Hunt backed Sir Kim to carry on.
But responding to fierce criticism, the former Foreign Secretary has told The Sun: "I can't believe they're trying to blame me for this.
"It seems bizarre to me. I'm a great supporter of Kim's. I worked very well with him for years.
"I spoke to him just now to offer my good wishes. I think that he's done a superb job."
Asked why he failed to back him in the TV debate, Mr Johnson said: "I don't think it's right to drag public servants' careers into the arena in that way.(ANA)
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