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Hong Kong/ProtestersBack
[Published: Wednesday June 12 2019]

 Hong Kong police and protesters clash

HONG KONG 12 Jun (ANA)  - Police have fired rubber bullets and tear gas at protesters in Hong Kong where anger at a new extradition bill has spilled over into violence.
Protesters have blocked key roads around government buildings and threw bricks and projectiles at police.
The government is still pushing for the bill which would allow extradition to mainland China and it is expected to pass its final vote on 20 June.
But the Legislative Council (LegCo) has now delayed its second reading.
The pro-Beijing LegCo said Wednesday's scheduled meeting would instead be held at an unspecified "later time".
Protests had been largely peaceful as thousands of protesters took to the streets and attempted to block access to government buildings ahead of the scheduled debate of the bill.
But on Wednesday, the demonstrations escalated, with tear gas and non-lethal "beanbag" rounds being fired as activists tried to storm government buildings.
The BBC's Gabriel Gatehouse is inside the LegCo building where police have effectively barricaded themselves. He reports one officer is injured and was carried away. The doors have been padlocked.
Pictures shared on social media show protesters hit by water cannon struggling to protect themselves with umbrellas, while TV images showed police officers armed with rubber bullets.
Ambulances are now making their way towards the protest site, according to the Reuters news agency.(ANA)
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