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[Published: Wednesday October 10 2018]

 Maldives president fights election defeat

MALE 10 Oct (ANA) - Maldives President Abdulla Yameen has filed a court challenge against his election loss, citing a "lot of complaints from supporters", according to a lawyer.

The complaint was filed at the island nation's Supreme Court on Wednesday, said the president's lawyer, Mohamed Saleem.

Yameen lost the September 23 election by a 16 percent margin to opposition leader, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, in an outcome hailed as a win for democracy in the crisis-hit Indian Ocean archipelago.

The result was widely accepted, including by the United States, China, India, and the European Union.

Yameen conceded defeat a day after the election, but has since alleged widespread irregularities in the vote.

The president has offered little evidence to back his claim.

Saleem, the president's lawyer, told a pro-government television station that Yameen filed a "constitutional case" at the top court "after reviewing a lot of complaints from his supporters about the result of the vote".

He declined to reveal details of the case, saying he will file documentary evidence and witness statements at the court.

Saleem confirmed submitting the case to Al Jazeera, but did not clarify if the president was seeking to overturn the election results.

Abdulla Shiyaz, another lawyer for Yameen, told Channel 13 he hoped "the Supreme Court accepts the case and that we are able to find a resolution to the concerns raised by the president’s supporters".

In a statement, the ruling Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) said it was seeking legal recourse through the courts because the party has "been overwhelmed with numerous genuine concerns related to the elections, including serious allegations of vote rigging, fraud, malpractice and corruption".(ANA)
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