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[Published: Tuesday March 06 2012]

Brazzaville – At the request of the President of the Republic of Congo, Denis Sassou Nguesso, King Mohammed VI of Morocco dispatched a plane load of medical staff and equipment to the Congolese capital Brazzaville to provide urgent assistance to victims of the explosions Sunday of an arms depot which cost the life of 180 people and over 1,341 persons are reported wounded, according to the Congolese Minister of Health.
The Moroccan plane arrived Monday carrying a team of 173 people including 21 doctors and 32 nurses.
Five more planes have been mobilized to ferry urgent medical aid and equipment to the wounded. A Moroccan mobile hospital has been set up to deal with the wounded outside the Congolese capital where some people in the neighbouring rural areas were affected by the blast.
A French aircraft arrived in Brazzaville Tuesday carrying a medical team of 25 people and 5 tonnes of equipment.
Morocco was among the first countries to respond to the tragic incident in Brazzaville.
Five explosions occured simultaneously Sunday in an arms depot in Brazzaville causing several dozens of deaths and hundreds of wounded.
Since Sunday the three Brazzaville hospitals are saturated by the number of wounded and lack of medical equipment.


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