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China says US is giving ‘green light to slaughter’ in Gaza
UK/Gaza Impact
Katharine Hamnett bins CBE and says ‘disgusted to be British’ over Gaza
$ 519 million Niger debt
How do public and private schools differ in OECD countries?
5 arrests of migrant smugglers across the English Channels
WEF to Advance Improved Trade through Technology at MC13
Ethiopia/Health System
Ethiopia bids to be medical tourism hub but its system is struggling
DR Congo/Rwanda
Relations between DR Congo and Rwanda are deteriorating
Gaza/Reporter's Note
Reporter's note on Gaza
Motaz Azaiza: ‘The ghosts of Gaza follow me everywhere’
African leaders unveil continent-wide plan to buy medicines
Sweden heading into Nato, after Orbán-Kristersson deal
UK/Trident Misfire
Assurances demanded after reports about Trident missile misfire
Russia/Ukraine War
‘Putin will spark a third world war if Russia claims victory in Ukraine’
Brain Cancer/Olive Oil Drug
‘Olive oil drug’ may help treat deadly and incurable brain cancer
Ghana/Iron Ore
Ghana eyes local iron ore processing to boost economy
Israel kills dozens in overnight attacks as hungry children protest scarcity of food
Colombia, Bolivia back Brazil's Lula in Israel genocide row
US/Ceasefire veto
Arab states ‘disappointed’ by US veto on UN ceasefire
Gaza famine inevitable if 'things don't change': WFP
Iran says Israel behind gas pipeline sabotage
More than 200 US coalitions for Gaza ceasefire
Eurojust/Money Laudering
4 arrests in Europe against institutions involved in money laundering
Officials warn of social collapse in Lebanon amid UNRWA cuts
UK’s Prince William says ‘too many’ have been killed in Gaza war
Egypt/Suez Canal
Suez Canal revenue declines by almost half due to Red Sea tensions
Palestinians eating animal feed to survive as NGOs condemn Israel
Ethiopia/Emergency Law
Stop using state of emergency law to silence peaceful dissent
Assange extradition is politically motivated, High Court hears
SIPRI/Nuclear Space
Escalation Risks at the Space–Nuclear Nexus
Wagner in Africa: How the Russian mercenary group has rebranded
EU/Commission Chief
Von der Leyen’s human rights hypocrisy
52 countries to take part in hearings on occupied Palestine
Eurojust/Ransom Group
Eurojust supports global operation against largest ransomware group
US moves to stop Israel's invasion of Rafah
Israel/Al-Aqsa Mosque
Israel may put restrictions on visiting Aqsa Mosque before Ramadan

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