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India/Covid Surge
India’s COVID cases over 24 million as mutant spreads across globe
Origins of COVID-19 need to be investigated further, scientists
Israel/Gaza Repression
Israel fires artillery into Gaza, Palestinian rocket attacks persist
Mozambique/Racial Bias
Rescue attempts jeopardized by racial discrimination after Palma attack
China/Uighur Repression
Xinjiang births plummeted after crackdown on Uyghurs, report
Macron’s party bans Muslim candidate for wearing hijab in poster
Myanmar/Military Coup
Myanmar’s coup is uniting a country riven by ethnic divisions. Will it last?
US/CIA Probe
Mysterious brain injuries at embassies in China and Cuba trigger CIA probe
Porto to host Uefa Champions League final between Man City and Chelsea
China/Uighur Repression
China imprisoning Muslim clerics
Karadzic to be moved to British prison
Demography: India may overtake China by 2023
Jerusalem to Gaza, Israeli Authorities Reassert Domination
Latest patrols show 300 Chinese militia ships in Philippine territory
UN: Governments should urge Xinjiang inquiry
Apartheid and persecution: The forgotten crimes against humanity
Benin/Human Rights
Threat on transgender people and their defenders
As Gaza war escalates, new front opens in Israeli cities
Russia expands military facilities in Syria
UN/Israel-Palestine conflict
De-escalation ‘an absolute must’ in Israel-Palestine conflict: Guterres
More violence ‘last thing Yemen needs’, peace ‘only way’ to resolve crises
IsraelGaza Strip
Weary Gaza marks Muslim feast as violence spreads in Israel
New Zealand/Vaccine
Wealthy nations once lauded as successes lag in vaccinations
Asia/Covid surge
Red Cross warns that coronavirus cases are exploding in Asia
Tunisia/Open for Business
Tunisia to reopen economy despite hospital strain
Escalating Mideast violence bears hallmarks of 2014 Gaza war
Italy rebuts reports of EU deal with Libya
EU chases 90m AstraZeneca vaccines in fresh legal battle
DR Congo/UN Peacekeepers
UN denounces attack on peacekeepers in DR Congo
UN/Vaccine inequity
Vaccine inequity posing 'significant risk' to global economic recovery: UN report
Pakistan: No More Military Bases for US Afghan Mission
OECD/Inheritance tax
Inheritance, estate taxes could play stronger role in addressing inequality
Coronavirus/Indian Variant
'Black fungus' complication adds to India's Covid woes
Government and UN sound the alarm on famine risk, urge action
UK/Climate Disaster
New UK funding to boost climate disaster responses
EP/Sexual Violence
EP statement on weaponised sexual violence, notably in Tigray

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